confidential electronic investigations

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A variety of hidden or disguised video cameras to view and record discreetly - areas of concern, with the intent of capturing evidence or information to resolve matters of theft, dishonesty, abuse, harassment or destruction of property.  Cameras may also be inserted in existing fixtures or decor'

Nanny Camera:  Utilized to review those that are watching your loved ones.  Gives you that assurance that your family is in good hands

ElderCam:  Similar to the Nanny Cam.  Helps you ascertain that the care your elder family is receiving is at the level of your expectations

Teenager Cam:  Used for families that have both parents working, this camera system is for rent, to allow you the opportunity to view your home and see exactly what takes place when the kids get home from school. 

DVR:  Digital Video Recorders with remote view capability

IP Cameras:  Small discreet cameras that can be viewed over your smart phone or any computer connected to the internet

Mega Pixel video cameras have the highest resolution possible during playback and review

Business related hidden or disguised cameras: smoke detector, motion detector, thermostats, fire extinguisher, speakers, breaker boxes, computer monitor, coffee mug, desk size plant, calculator and many other items that will blend in to the business environment.

Drone/Quadcoputer Aerial Surveillance

Quadcopters/Drones with high resolution [4k] that pan and tilt for directive views.  Drones are perfect for short duration flights to conduct quick surveillance missions.  

Pole Camera:  Disguised as a telephone pole transformer, this remotely operated system allows for pan, tilt and zoom functions.  Great Law Enforcement tool for long term surveillance ops.

Eye-POD:  Travel Pod that attaches to the top of an SUV or MiniVan, with remote video capabilities. Great to use as a drop off vehicle.

Countermeasures/counter-surveillance equipment