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Protecting your home or business is a basic human instinct - you've worked hard for what you have. Why would you jeopardize that? At Nick Miceli & Associates we're dedicated to providing you with intelligent solutions and peace of mind. 


With over 30 years in both Law Enforcement and Loss Prevention, you can trust us to ferret out the root to your problem and find an intelligent solution.  We set ourselves apart with unwavering integrity and a strict code of ethics.

We've been where you are. We know you need a team who you can trust.

Integrity, confidentiality and thorough are the foundation of everything we do.  We have the experience, the team and the resources to look into any matters of theft or loss and quickly assess the best way to resolve the matter.

About Us

  • Confidential Electronic Investigations
  • Business - Shrink or theft issues
  • Business - Video Systems
  • Covert video surveillance systems
  • Nanny Cam, Teenager Cam, etc.
  • Video equipment
  • Law Enforcement Surveillance Equipment
  • Aerial Video Service

What we do?


We have the experience and know how, to find the right solution.


We have the equipment needed for all types of video monitoring applications

Law Enforcement

A wide array of surveillance equipment for sale or rent to the law enforcement community [only]..

Confidential Electronic Investigations